Dagger of the Beja Tribes, Africa - 6822

We offer for sale this dagger used by the Beja people residing along the Western shores of the Red Sea in Egypt, Sudan and Eritrea. The Beja people are believed to be the true descendants of the ancient Egyptian which were expelled from Egypt by the invading Nubian in the 8th Century B.C. and converted to Islam in the 10th Century. The major tribes of the Beja are Hadendoa and Beni Amer and these type of daggers are sometime called after these tribes, or X daggers after the peculiar wood handle. The blade is in the form of a reverse hook (rarest version) 7 inches long. The beautiful X shaped handle is made of black wood finely engraved at the pommel side. No scabbard.Total length 12 Very good condition. Some blackened spots on the blade.