Persian Pesh-Kabz Dagger - 0685

The Pesh-Kabz dagger is the curved brother of the Karud , and it is well known over a wide region from North India to west Persia. It is also quite common in the Central Asian countries up to Uzbekistan in the North. It is characterized by the slightly down, re-curving blade with a strong T spine and the slightly curving massive grips. Like the Karud with a straight blade of similar construction, its main purpose is to penetrate chain mail armor and the re-curving blade and grips are of the ideal shape for this purpose. This specific example has 11 inches blade with a strong spine, forged from very good wootz steel. The grips are made of six sectors of walrus ivory, separated by thin black horn separators. The combination of walrus ivory grips and chiseled decoration of the blade heel indicate that this dagger is of Persian origin, probably 18 C, in spite of the chased silver fittings, of Indian style, which may be a later addition.