Very Good 19 C. Balkan Yataghan Sword dated 1280 (1863) - 10549

This Yataghan sword is coming from the Balkan region of the Ottoman empire and it is dated on the blade to 1280 (1863 in the Gregorian calendar). Finely forged blade, 24 inches long richly inlaid with silver with long inscription in Arabic letters decorated and dated. Gilded copper bolsters and grip strap set with drop shaped ribbed corral stones and green (?) stones. Massive walrus grips with wide ears, complete (and not broken as commonly happen to similar grips from the same period). Original scabbard with leather cover and large chased silver (Low silver or white metal) locket and chape. Total length 33 inches. Very good condition. Minor losses to the silver inlay. Two coral stones on the grip strap are missing. The leather cover of the scabbard is a later replacement.