Very Rare Sword of the Tetela, Africa - 11017

In the heart of the African rain forest, near Stanley Falls the Tetela people are using a very peculiar knife / short sword. It is characterized by a Diamond shaped, big and heavy steel pommel. The purpose of this heavy pommel (some time as heavy as four pounds) is not clear. Some people say it was supposed to be used as a drop knife from the height of a tree (A very complicated task in the dense vegetation of the rain forest), other say it is meant to increase the blow of the blade. It is most probably a sign of wealthy and power that was developed during years from a smaller pommel, and reached super non-practical sizes when firearms replaced blades in Africa. This one is a very nice exemplar, 12 inches long blade delicately incised with lines and geometrical design. Wood grip. Total length 16 inches. Very good condition. Good age patina to the blade and the steel pommel. No scabbard.