Jimpul (Mandau) Sword from Borneo - 6252

We offer here for sale a Jimpul some time wrongly referred to a Mandau. Not like in Mandau, the blade is curved upward and has a symmetrical cross section. The hilt however reminds that of the Mandau. Both the Jimpul and the Mandau are coming from Kalimantan (Borneo) and both are associated with the head hunting tradition of the Dayak. This Jimpul has a heavy up curving 22 inches blade, with a fuller near the spine, pierced tip and engraved heel. The handle is bone very elaborately carved, with traces f hair bundles. Wood scabbard bound with rattan strips. Very good condition. Minor pitted small spots on the blade. Few chips from the bone and minor damage to the wood scabbard on its top. The rattan bindings recent.