Very Fine Silver Mounted Jambiya Dagger, Oman. - 6298

A very fine and good quality Arab Jambiya dagger from Oman. It has a 7 inches curved and dual edge blade with a pronounced central rib. The hilt is made of fibrous looking horn of the classical I shaped, decorated with silver nails on the front side and silver sheet on the rear. The scabbard is L shaped covered with leather. The belt attachment is made of complicate arrangements of silver rings and twisted silver wire. All scabbard and hilt fittings are silver chased in a typical design. This item comes with its original belt, embroidered with red and black threads and terminate with a silver buckle. Very good condition. The blade has few pitted areas . This is an item of high quality and in very good condition, a good typical piece for the advanced collector of Arabic weapons / art.